Material Behaviors of PBX Simulant with Various Strain Rates

2013.01.08 10:31

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저자명 Chunghee Park Sehwan Jeong Hoon Huh Jungsu Park 
Journal Key Engineering Materials 
Volume 535-536 
Pages 117-120 
year 2013 
This paper is concerned with the material behaviors of PBX (Polymer Bonded eXplosive) simulant at various strain rates ranging from 0.0001/sec to 3150/sec. Material behaviors of PBX at the high strain rates are important in the prediction of deformation modes of PBX in a warhead which undergoes severe impact loading. Inert PBX stimulant which has analogous material behaviors with PBX was utilized for material tests due to safety issues. Uniaxial compressive tests at quasi-static and intermediate strain rates were conducted with cylindrical specimen using a dynamic materials testing machine, INSTRON 8801. Uniaxial compressive tests at high strain rates ranging from 1200/sec to 3150/sec were conducted using a split Hopkinson pressure bar. Deformation behaviors were investigated using captured images obtained from a high-speed camera. The strain hardening behaviors of PBX simulant were formulated by proposed strain rate-dependent strain hardening model.
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