Material Behaviors of PBX Simulant with Various Strain Rates

2013.01.08 10:33

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저자명 Chunghee Park Sehwan Jeong Hoon Huh Jungsu Park 
Name AEPA2012 
Place Singapore 
Year 2012 
This paper is concerned with the material behaviors of PBX (Polymer Bonded eXplosive) simulant at various strain rates ranging from 0.0001/sec to 3150/sec. Material behaviors of PBX at the high strain rates are important in the prediction of deformation modes of PBX in a warhead which undergoes severe impact loading. Inert PBX stimulant which has analogous material behaviors with PBX was utilized for material tests due to safety issues. Uniaxial compressive tests at quasi-static and intermediate strain rates were conducted with cylindrical specimen using a dynamic materials testing machine, INSTRON 8801. Uniaxial compressive tests at high strain rates ranging from 1200/sec to 3150/sec were conducted using a split Hopkinson pressure bar. Deformation behaviors were investigated using captured images obtained from a high-speed camera. The strain hardening behaviors of PBX simulant were formulated by proposed strain rate-dependent strain hardening model.
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