Anisotropy Effect on the Fracture Strain of DP980 Sheets

2013.08.29 12:44

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저자명 Namsu Park, Sung Jun Lim, and Hoon Huh 
Name Proceedings of KSAE 2013 Annual Conference 
Year 2013 
page 1661-1664 
This paper is concerned with the anisotropy effect of DP980 sheets on the fracture strain. The use of advanced highstrength steels (AHSS) for automotive applications gradually increases since AHSS generally has high strength as well as high formability from their high strain hardening capabilities. In sheet metal forming, the anisotropy effect on the fracture strain should be also taken into consideration to reflect the fracture behavior of materials more properly since they show different mechanical behavior resulting from their crystallographic structure and the characteristics of rolling process. In order to investigate the influence of the loading path on the fracture strain, three different types of tests were conducted to the fracture including uniaxial tensile tests on classic dog-bone specimens, pure shear specimens, and plane strain grooved specimens. Each specimen was made along three different orientations: the angle of 0° (rolling direction, RD), 45° (diagonal direction, DD), and 90° (transverse direction, TD) with respect to the rolling direction of sheet metal to consider the anisotropy effect on the fracture strain. The fracture strain was evaluated to vary with the different orientation of sheet metal and each loading path.
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