저자명 S. J. Lim S. S. Cho H. Huh K. C. Park 
Name USNCCM 2011 
Place Minneapolis, USA 
Year 2011 
High-fidelity simulation of wave and/or energy packet propagation across transition interfaces, either involving soft-to-hard or hard-to-soft materials, has presented a challenge for the computational community. This paper presents a fresh reexamination of the mechanics of wave propagation across transition interfaces. In doing so, we adopt a class of parameterized time-discontinuous and space continuous variational time integrators [1,2]. Once the governing equations sets with appropriate transition interfaces are discretized both in time and space, an error analysis of the resulting coupled discrete equations is carried out, mainly with focus on the interface mechanics. The error analysis reveals the discretization errors in terms of energy dissipation amount manifested as a violation of symplecticity property, the dispersion error in terms of integration parameters whose values are determined by minimizing the dispersion and phase errors, and balancing between the minimization of the Gibbs spurious oscillations and the dissipation levels across the stress jumps. The parameterized variational integrators thus developed for handling discontinuous
interfaces are evaluated as applied first to one-dimensional wave propagation problem that consists of two vastly differing material properties. While a general applicability of the present integrators for two and three-dimensional problems await further validation tests, the present parameterized variational integrators are shown to adapt to various discontinuous interfaces.
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