Railway Buffer Stop Using Progressive Compression Process

2010.12.24 15:04

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저자명 Kwanghyun Ahn Youn Ki Ko Hoon Huh Hyun Seung Jung Tae Soo Kwon 
Name 2010 KSME Choongchung division spring conference 
Year 2010 
A buffer stop is the device installed at the end of rail lines like railway station to prevent the derailment of a train. When the train cannot stop at the rail end due to some kind of trouble, this device should absorb the crash energy and stop the train. In Germany, friction type buffer stops are installed at all railway station. Those devices can absorb the crash energy of the train by using the friction between a friction element and the rail when the train crashes into buffer stop. In Korean railway, however, there is no buffer system at the end of rail lines, so passengers and the train can be damaged significantly when the train doesn’t stop at the rail end. In this study, buffer stop with new concept is suggested to replace the friction type buffer stop in Germany. A feasibility of buffer stop using progressive compression process is investigated by using numerical analysis; in addition, the design and concept for new system are suggested by parametric study. Experiment for the verification of feasibility is also carried out based on this study.
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