저자명 M. Piao, H. Huh, I. Lee, K. Ahn, H. Kim, L. Park 
Journal International Journal of Impact Engineering 
Volume 91 
Pages 142-157 
year 2016 
This paper is to provide a novel systematic procedure to obtain the dynamic flow stress of a material at
ultra-high strain rates ranging from 104 s−1 to 106 s−1 where hardening behaviors are difficult to acquire
from conventional experiments. Uniaxial material tests with AISI 4340 steel are performed at a wide range
of strain rates from 10−3 s−1 to 103 s−1 by using the INSTRON 5583, a high-speed material testing machine
(HSMTM), and a tension split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) testing machine. From the uniaxial tests
above, stress–strain curves are obtained at the strain rates ranging from 10−3 s−1 to 103 s−1. However, stress–
strain curves cannot be obtained at the strain rates higher than 104 s−1 due to the lack in experimental
techniques. In order to characterize hardening behaviors at strain rates ranging from 104 s−1 to 106 s−1,
Taylor impact tests are performed when the speed of a projectile is 200 m/s, 253 m/s, and 305 m/s, which
entail ultra-high strain rates, high temperature, and large plastic deformation. Flow stresses at the ultrahigh
strain rates are characterized through an inverse optimization process by comparing the numerical
simulation results with the experimental results of the sequentially deformed shapes of a projectile during
the Taylor impact test. The thermal softening effect at different strain rates is also considered due to the
elevated temperature caused by large plastic deformation. The flow stresses calibrated by the comparison
are implemented to numerical simulation resulting in a good coincidence with the Taylor impact
tests at different impact velocities. It is noted from the comparison that the yield stress and the comprehensive
hardening curves proposed well describe the deformation behavior up to the strain rate of
106 s−1 beyond the strain rate range for conventional material testing.
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