Forming Limit Diagram of DP590 considering the Strain Rate

2010.02.23 10:48

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저자명 S. B. Kim K. H. Ahn J. W. Ha C. S. Lee H. Huh H. H. Bok M. B. Moon 
Journal Trans. KSAE 
Volume 18 
page 127-130 
Year 2010 

This paper deals with the formability of DP590 steel considering the strain rate. The strain hardening
coefficient, elongation and r-value were obtained from the static and dynamic tensile test. As strain rate increases from
static to 100/s, the strain hardening coefficient and the uniform elongation decrease and the elongation at fracture and
r-value decrease to 0.1/s and increase again to 100/s. The high speed forming limit tests with hemi-spherical punch were
carried out using the high speed crash testing machine and high speed forming jig. The high speed forming limit of
DP590(order of 102/s) decreases compared to the static forming limit(order of 10-3/s) and the forming limit band in high
speed forming test is narrower than that in the static forming test. This tendency may be due to the development of
brittleness with increase of stain rate.

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